Kids Online Coding Classes for age 6-18

In 2020 where AI and Robotics will touch 800 million jobs and the world will split into creators and consumers. Wake up ICT will teach how your kid can thrive in this new world.

Children learn essentials of coding- - rationale, structure, grouping and algorithmic deduction - to produce innovative results eg livelinesss and applications.

all classes will be taken online. your children will get the highest priority so that you could learn properly.

Why Coding for Kids?

Kids who code test +75% higher in logic & abstract thinking.

Creativity Scores At Genius Level(in percentage)

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George Land & Beth Jarman’s landmark NASA study identified that kids peak in creativity at age 6, followed by a drastic decline right until adulthood and beyond.

Coding balances left and right brain, convergent and divergent thinking, to enable peak creative expression. Kids learn logic and structure to command tech tools and generate outcomes like games and apps.

As per Mckinsey Global Research Institute, the only jobs in the new world will be ones that machines can’t do. 90%+ of jobs from 2020 will require significantly more creativity than before. Coding teaches your kids to become creators versus consumers of technology.

Your Kids Will Learn


+75% improvement


Algorithmic Thinking

Creative Expression

Build Animations, Games, and Apps.

Coding Sets The Foundation For Major Creative Endeavour In Entrepreneurship And Arts

Research Benefits of WICT Kids Coding

Creation vs Consumption

Your kids use code to build their own games, animation and apps, fundamentally changing their relationship to technology to being a creator rather than a consumer.

75% Math Performance Improvement

Your kids learn commands, loops, sequences and conditions which strengthen their logic and technical skills. Result: a measurable improvement in mathematical scores*.

Transformed Abstract Thinking

Your kids learn decomposition, abstraction, pattern recognition and algorithmic thinking to solve problems logically. Results: significant improvement in abstract thinking scores*, a necessity for scoring top of charts in Math Olympiads or IB entrances.

Strength and Confidence

Kids use analytical skills, attention to detail and persistence to create tangible code as good as tech entrepreneurs, ready for products to commercialize in the world. The resilience learnt in using tools to create outcomes strengthens every part of life.

Our 99.9th Percentile Teacher Selection Criteriators

WICT’s Industry Leading 5-Step Teacher Selection Process

WICT follows a rigorous 4-Step Selection Process for confirming teacher candidates so your kids are taught by the Top 0.01% of Early Kids Coding Experts.


Build Your Own Ruled Computer Games with Logic & Abstraction.

Beginner years are the critical foundation years for lifelong creative expression. Kids learn phonics, composition, and putting words together into composite stories. They also understand numbers, mathematical operations and units of measurements. Standardized learning systems keep logic and abstract streams discrete, eroding the developing mind’s ability for pattern recognition and discovery application. As a result, kids creativity declines by 50% from ages 6*. Kids Coding combines logic & abstraction to set a lifelong foundation of integrating left & right concepts. Kids use foundation of logic--sequence, loops, commands--to create outcomes like puzzles & interactive stories.